3D Printed Ceramic ‘Identity Parade’

(Dezeen) London designer Adam Nathaniel Furman has created multi-coloured 3D-printed ceramic “Identity Parade” objects for his Designers in Residence commission at the London Design Festival 2013 at the Design Museum. The objects were created using a number of production methods including 3D printing laser-sintered nylon in bright colours, 3D-printing ceramics and spray painting.

The Identity Parade by Furman consists of 3D-printed and ceramic vases and ornaments, painted in luminous colours and busy psychedelic patterns.”I’d always felt that identity was such a protean, gaseous, changeable thing,” the designer said. “It terrified me really. I mean, how inconstant we are, how fluid our identities are and how we change from year to year.”
Furman said his response was to create artefacts about the life of a fictional designer. The final ornaments intend to capture the imaginary character’s need for belonging and their fascination for new media and digital fabrication technologies.