3D Printed Custom Orthotics Launches

( 3D Orthotics,  a company based in Brisbane, Australia, has been working to develop 3D printed orthotics for full commercial use in podiatry.
“After years of seeing patients enjoy the benefits of orthotics we noticed many common problems. Most of these problems related to the inherent lack of flexibility in the orthotic development process. Often patients feel uncomfortable with their new orthotics. They never really match the foot perfectly. Using plaster casts results in too much guess work and poor fitting of orthotics,” notes 3D Orthotics.
Podiatrists and engineers at 3DO have built a unique orthotic development process that utilizes the latest technology to develop this orthotic. This new process incorporates the latest in 3D scanning, computer processing and 3D printing.
Working with Elinvision in Lithuania, 3DO uses high accuracy digital foot scanning technology and engineering software to scan and create an accurate digital model of the foot. Utilizing the most advanced 3D printing technology, each orthotic is individually manufactured to the user’s unique requirements. 3D printing allows for every contour of the foot to be accurately replicated in your orthotic.