3D Printed Selfies Ordered From Your Living Room

(Dezeen) is offering a printing and delivery service for “3D Mini Me” figurines. To create the tiny model, users can download an app to their computer and pair the machine with their Kinect device. Microsoft Kinect enables users to scan their bodies with the motion capture device and order a 3Dprinted miniature model of themselves without ever leaving the house.

The Kinect must be positioned at chest height on the edge of a surface. The subject stands in front of the device, just over a metre away. After striking the desired pose, the individual scans themselves and then turns 45 degrees before scanning again. This is repeated until a full rotation has been made and the same pose has to be held throughout.

By pressing the 3D print button, the model one twentieth of the real height is ordered and delivered in a matter of days. Figures can be ordered with or without a white stand.

Click here to go to and get started on your own 3D mini-selfie.