3D Printing Instruments Are Creating Beat Jazz

(SmartPlanet) Berlin-based Onyx Ashanti is a musician who is using 3D printing instruments to create Beat Jazz. His creations are 3D-printed and assembled himself from a system that consists of a second hand-held controller, a head unit complete with a microphone and mouthpiece that senses air pressure, all tied together by a wifi connection that links to computer software on a laptop.

The controller functions as part of the full-body instrumentation he wears to perform “Beat Jazz” — a kind of music incorporating jazz improvisation and live looping, all controlled by gestures made with the body. “The idea [of layering] has been around since the 70s, but the tools that are available now let me integrate live looping with other elements of the music, and when each layer captures itself, you have something completely new,” Ashanti said in a recent interview.