3D Printing Umbilical Cord Clamps in Haiti

( iLab Haiti has brought the first two 3D printers to the Caribbean nation. The organization has partnered with KIDmob to teach critical thinking, creative problem solving, adaptability, and communication along with the technical skills of rapid prototyping. They are using two of MakerBot’s dual extrusion Replicator 1′s, and will add two more at the end of this month.

The goal is to empower local Haitians to think differently about their surroundings and potential. Some of the first projects are simple medical devices, such as umbilical cord clamps, which are currently being prototyped (on their fourth iteration). These medical devices would be 3D printed for direct use in local clinics with on-demand manufacturing. Hyper-local manufacturing will bypass inefficient and corrupt import systems that are currently the only option available.

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