7-Year Old Girl Gets Her 3D Printed Dragon

(Red Orbit) Seven year old Sophie, from Brisbane, Australia, wrote to CSIRO asking the “lovely scientists” if they could make her a dragon. At first, the scientists took the letter as encouragement to “start accelerating our dragon R&D program.” CSIRO scientists thanked Sophie for the thought, and said they were “looking into it.” However, as Sophie’s letter gained attention across the Internet, CSIRO scientists decided to oblige her request by making her a dragon.

Scientists headed over to the Lab 22 at the manufacturing facility in Melbourne to print off the dragon “Toothless” using titanium. CSIRO scientists have had plenty of success printing things in the past, including anatomically correct insects, biomedical implants and aerospace parts, but never dragons.

CSIRO said that not only did national news outlets like TIME and Huffington Post pick up on the story, but people offered to help financially. DreamWorks Studios even called the scientists, saying they knew how to train dragons and would like to speak with Sophie.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is Australia’s national science agency,