ABC News Interview Explaining How 3D Printing is Expected to Revolutionize Manufacturing

( ABC station KGO was among the local media covering the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Silicon Valley this week. Click here to watch the video news segment from the exhibit floor.

The reporters explained to their home audience that 3D printers can make toys and figures, of course, but they can also make medical implants, fabric for clothing, the base for a guitar, and even edible things like candy. “It’s a completely new business model enabled by this ability to make complex parts on demand in a batch size of one,” explained conference chair and  Cornell University professor Hod Lipson.

3D printers are the hottest printers on the market, even though the repetitive motion reminds some people of old-fashioned dot-matrix printers. “3D printing is the most amazing technology because complexity is free. The printer doesn’t care what you throw in it, so the more creative you can be, the more expressive the printer can be for you,” said Cathy Lewis with 3D Systems Corp.