Afinia Denies Patent Infringement Allegations by Stratasys

(¬†Afinia has filed a response that denies all patent infringement allegations by Stratasys. Click here to read the Afinia’s filing in the US District Court in the State of Minnesota.

According to Attorney William J. Cass, of Cantor Colburn, “Afinia has included affirmative defenses of patent misuse and will be investigating a potential claim for antitrust (by patent) given the significant differences between the asserted claims and the Afinia H Series.”

Stratasys’ core technology is Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM. According to the company, Stratasys invests millions of dollars each year to develop their technology. But now it is threatened by these low-cost 3D printers available in the market, Afinia is one of them. These consumer 3D printers are cheap and offer great functionality, therefore they are very popular among makers, DIYers, designers and educational institutions.