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Arcam a Small Company with Big Growth Projections

(Engineering.com) Swedish 3D Printing company Arcam AB has operations in Europe, the US, and China and operates exclusively in precision 3D printing of high grade metals used in the aerospace and orthopedic/medical industries. Despite Arcam AB’s small size, their revenue growth is big at 80% for the first half of 2013, and their PE ratio for the trailing twelve month period is the lowest in 3D printing stocks.

Arcam AB reported an 80% increase in sales the first half of 2013 and earnings of $0.30/share vs. $0.05/share for the first half of 2012.  Net profit margins were also higher at 8.3% vs. 2.3%. The company begins the second half of 2013 with $26M in cash and no meaningful debt.

Arcam AB delivered 11 systems in the first half of the year.  With the second half of 2013 just begun, the company already has orders for 12 more to be delivered during the period.  Analyst Gary Anderson who contributed this projection concludes the article, “With the launch of the state-of-the-art Arcam Q10 and the strategic alliance with DiSanto Technology, investors can reasonably expect Arcam AB to build on the 12 systems that are currently ordered, and deliver even stronger results in the second half of the year.”