3D Printing, Augmented Reality and Architecture

(3D Printing Industry) London-based Inition is a technology company well versed in 3D printing technologies and has carried out a great deal of R&D into augmented reality 3D software and its applications. Most recently, the company has been working on an augmented-reality iPad app specifically for architectural companies, which allows architects to visualize architectural scale models — in context.
3D printing is often the production method of choice for producing architectural scale models, and Inition used 3D printing to produce a model to demonstrate the capabilities of a new app introduced earlier this year. By pointing an iPad at the 3D model, architects can call up a variety of information overlays that combine with the physical model. The physical model sits on a patterned mat that acts as a marker, allowing the iPad to keep track of the model as the user moves around.
When using the app on an iPad, it is possible display the building (model) within its location context, during the day and at night, without leaving the office. It is also possible to use the app with other information sources to provide windflow data, internal floorplans, wireframe views and information about the program.