‘Big Builder’ 3D Printer Launched by Dutch Company

( Dutch company Builder 3D Printers has announced the launch of their latest 3D printer called the ‘Big Builder.’ It is a printer that could be considered comparable to the MakerBot Replicator Z18, as far as buld size goes. The latest ‘Builder 3D’ printer has a build size of 220 by 210 by 665 mm and a build volume of over 30 liters (8 gallons). The z-axis is especially large, meaning it can create objects that stand over 26 inches tall. The new ‘Big Builder’ will cost €2,495, excluding VAT and shipping. ”[In the] last 6 months we received lots of inquiries to create a larger 3D printer. After making some custom built models we figured it was time to start producing them. Just like our other models we are able to offer them at a very competitive price.” says Paul Hunck, CEO of Builder 3D Printers.