Brands Turn to 3D Printing for Personalized Marketing

(MarketingWeek) Brand owners are  exploring ways to make 3D printing technology part of their marketing activity. Converse is allowing shoppers at its flagship store to design their own sneakers on the spot and walk out the door with them within the hour. Soundcloud recently ran a campaign for fans to turn their favorite songs into 3D-printed iPhone cases. Elsewhere, Nokia is planning to expand its current offer allowing customers to print their own phone cases for its Lumia 820 and 520 models to other accessories.

Thomas Messett, European head of digital marketing and advocacy at Nokia, says the uses of 3D printing are “far reaching” for marketers, but it will take “three to five” years before it becomes more widely adopted.

Advertising experts say brands should look to forge iTunes or Spotify-type deals with companies like Makerbot to avoid the same copyright battles the music industry faced during the advent of the Internet.