British Surgeon 3D Prints and Implants Pelvis for Cancer Patient

(Telegraph) A British orthopedic surgeon used 3D printing to create a titanium pelvis – the first of its kind – for a patient who had lost his to cancer. The man, a retired professional in his sixties, had been diagnosed with a rare bone tumor called chondrosarcoma. With traditional methods the patient’s pelvis would be replaced by hand-made implants that do not fit perfectly, so Gerrand offered the patient reconstruction using 3D printing designed to fit precisely into the space left by surgery. Gerrand and his team scanned the patient’s pelvis allowing them to measure exactly how much bone would be removed. Then the 3D scans were processed and sent to Stanmore Implants in Elstree. Specialists there used 3D printing to make a bespoke model of a half-pelvis in titanium powder. The implant was then robotically inserted into the patient.