Chairman of Walt Disney International Predicts Every Home Will Have a 3D Printer Within a Decade

(Hollywood Reporter) Walt Disney International chairman Andy Bird predicted in his speech at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit this week that there will be a 3D printer in every family home within the next decade. “Every home in ten years, probably less than that, will have its own 3D printer just as homes now have a 2D or laser printer,” he said at the annual three-day event in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, adding that Disney was already looking at ways to utilize the technology in its theme parks. “We’ll be working with the technology where you can easily capture the facial features of individual guests in a very fast way, so you can then turn those features and put them onto dolls,” he said. “We’ve been doing that with Stars Wars whereby you can buy a Luke Skywalker doll that you can put your face onto.”