Chinese Surgeons Use 3D Printed Model to Assist Skull Base Tumor Removal

(3Ders.org)  A Chinese hospital has successfully removed a skull base tumor from a 38-year-old patient with the help of 3D modeling system and 3D printing. “The tumor was located deeply close to the skull base, and it connected with the internal carotid artery and optic nerve. The surgery would be very complicated,” said Dr. Li Xuejun, an associate professor of skull base tumors at the Clinical Research Center at Xiangya Hospital in Central South University.
Using a self-developed E-3D medical 3D modeling system and the CT scans of the patient, the hospital created high-precision 3D models of Zhang’s skull base and tumor. Then they printed them out using the latest generation of 3D printers. The 3D printing technique allows doctors to fully understand the brain tumor before the surgery. Knowing the shape, size of the tumor and the surrounding tissue helps doctors to determine surgical access route and excision area for a successful surgery.