Chris Dixon and Andreessen Horowitz Invest $30M in Shapeways

(VentureBeat) Chris Dixon and Andreessen Horowitz are making a $30 million investment in Shapeways. Shapeways is not only Dixon’s first investment at Andreessen Horowitz, it’s also the first one the firm is making in a 3D printing company.

“3D printing is important because so much of what we’ve done over the last 20 years has been moving bits around. Now we’re starting to see tech impact the physical world,” said Dixon, who is joining the Shapeways board of directors.

According to Dixon, Shapeways does three things well: Not only has it created a strong community, but it’s also built a strong service model and factory footprint. (It opened a New York City factory in October.) “It’s like building three different companies at once,” Dixon told me. “We think they’ve executed well on all those things. They’re the clear leader in the space.”