Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘The Light’ Costumes Feature 3D Printed Elements

(3D Printing Industry) Cirque Du Soleil’s Las Vegas Nightclub show “The Light” got a stunning display of 3D printed technology on New Year’s Eve. Fashion-Tech Designer Anouk Wipprecht collaborated with Niccolo Casas on the costume design for the Cirque performers. Materialise laser-sintered four independently controlled shoulder pieces with strobe-effect 20W High Power LEDs shining through the shape for the show’s costumes.

For this stunning performance, the emphasis was clearly on light created by essential wearable electronics. Anouk sought to experiment with a set of technology-equipped, coordinated performance pieces to enhance the Cirque du Soleil experience. She integrated techno-teasing and interactivity into her creations to compliment the Cirque du Soleil mindset. On New Year’s Eve, her effect-based designs more than matched the technical marvels that surrounded the nightclub on the famous Strip.