‘Drone it Yourself’ 3D Printed Kit

(jaspervanloenen.com) Jasper van Loenen, an independent designer working in the field of information/interaction design and art, has created a custom Drone it Yourself (DIY) kit that turns any object into an unmanned aerial vehicle, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know-how needed. Click here to watch a video as van Loenen takes his metal suitcase kit outdoors; and attaches the motors/w propellers to various objects such as his bicycle wheel, keyboard, book which all becom drones in turn. He uses the kit’s controller and the objects, newly DIYs each lift up into the air and buzz around.

The plastic parts have been 3D printed in ABS. The control unit contains a receiver, four ESCs, a bluetooth module and an OpenPilot CC3D flight controller.

Both the original files and the printable STL files are available here.