EOS Expanding Beyond Prototyping Into Manufacturing

(Design News) EOS is taking steps to establish its company as the leader in additive manufacturing (AM) technology for industrial manufacturing and production. The Germany-based company is definitely not abandoning rapid prototyping as a focus. But the expansion comes at a time when interest is growing in several vertical industries to integrate AM technologies and processes into existing manufacturing flows.

“We’re not forgetting where the roots of our technology come from,” EOS of North America’s director Andrew Snow told Design News. “More than 50 percent of our sales still come from rapid prototyping. Now the uses of our technology are being directed more and more toward manufacturing applications, so we’re adding this as a focus.”

Large industrial companies in medical, aerospace, automotive, tooling and other major vertical application areas are making a transition to using 3D printing, primarily as a cost-savings tool. In many cases, several components can be combined into one, eliminating manufacturing steps. What those companies need are processes and procedures that help integrate AM techniques into traditional, existing subtractive production environments.

EOS also expects to double its footprint in North America in about nine months with a new facility.