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‘Factory 2.0′ for Warhol and 3D Printing Lovers

(3D Printing Industry) The Andy Warhol Museum curator and creative director Murray Moss and the Belgian-based 3D printing firm Materialise have teamed up to present “Factory 2.0,” a set of art installations that illustrate the relationship between art and 3D printing. “Factory 2.0″ will feature work by the five finalists of i.materialise‘s and Murry Moss’ “Andy Warhol Challenge,” which invited artists and designers “to design what you think Andy Warhol would have produced with 3D printing technology if he were alive today.” As an artist, Warhol pushed his materials, methods and concepts into new territories; he melded the aesthetics of “high art,” consumer goods, fame and spectacle in his paintings, pushed boundaries of duration and tedium in his film work and blurred the lines between the lived and performed life.