Ford Mustang

Ford Used 3D Printing in Design of All-New Mustang’s Engine Cover

(Trade Arabia) Ford Motor Company used 3D printing in the development of the engine cover for the all-new Ford Mustang. Ford was already using 3D printing to quickly produce prototype parts, shaving months off the development time for individual components used in all of its vehicles, such as cylinder heads, intake manifolds and air vents.

3D printing saves millions of dollars in the product development process by eliminating the need for special tooling, or dedicated molds, for parts likely to change. The technology also allows engineers to experiment with more radical, innovative part designs inexpensively and quickly. Ford now is looking to what’s next in its 3D printing strategy, including opportunities to print production parts in metal, rather than just plastic, for prototypes.

“This technology provides immense return for Ford and the entire manufacturing industry,” said Bill Russo, global director of Ford Powertrain manufacturing and engineering.