Future of 3D Printing is Bright, Says SXSW Panel

(CNET) A SxSW panel of 3D printing experts moderated by CNET’s Rich Brown included Scott Summit, founder of Bespoke Innovations; Avi Reichental, CEO of 3D Systems, and Alice Taylor, CEO of Makie Labs. All agreed there are current limitations to the technology, but the opportunities that 3D printing offers everyone from garage entrepreneurs to large corporations will be be plentiful, and often economically advantageous. The consensus was there is quite a bit more upside than is generally known.

The panel made one thing clear: 3D printing opens up more doors for production than have ever been open in the past. Those who learn how to use the technology will get a leg up on their traditional-production-method competitors, and those willing to bet on the future will be able to take their projects and businesses places that they never could have before.