HBO Blocks 3D Printed Game of Thrones iPhone Dock

(Wired)  HBO has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Fernando Sosa, who modeled a 3D throne iPhone dock in Autodesk Maya based on still images from the HBO series Game of Thrones. Sosa had posted the Game of Thrones dock beside other 3-D printed sculptures on his nuPROTO.com site. The HBO letter asserted rights not just to the series or the throne, but to replicas inspired by it. “While we appreciate the enthusiasm for the series that appears to have inspired your creation of this device, we are also concerned that your iron throne dock will infringe on HBO’s copyright in the Iron Throne,” says the letter.


The legal future of 3-D printing copyrights and patents remains somewhat unclear. It is clear that HBO considers a replica (at least, when sold)  to be within its intellectual property rights, so much so that the company demanded Sosa remove all hints of the throne from both his website and the Instructables page where he described its creation.