Interactive 3D Printing Update from SXSW

( SxSW is in full swing and Austin. This year’s interactive portion of the festival has attendees buzzing about 3D printing.Two of the notable announcements at the festival are Makerbot’s new 3D scanner and re:3D’s new entry into the world of large-format 3D printer manufacturers.

In the first keynote address of the festival, Bre Pettis announced that Makerbot is on the verge of entering the 3D scanning market with its “MakerBot Digitizer.”

Austin-based re:3D’s goal is to make large-format 3D printing affordable and accessible for individual makers. Their printer, named the Gigabot, was originally created to be used in less developed countries to print composting toilets, rainwater collection containers and other various agricultural products. re:3D now believes that their printer could also be put to use by makers, hackers and small businesses around the world.