Jeff Bezos: 3D Printing Will Not Change Product Distribution Anytime Soon

( Amazon shareholders met at Seattle Center¬† May 23 with CEO Jeff Bezos giving an overview of the company’s public business strategy. Once a year, Amazon shareholders have a chance to ask Bezos anything they wish. One of interesting questions was about 3D printing and its potential to change the distribution of products. With 3D printing everyone can just download digital files and print the physical objects at home.

In other words, will 3D printing enable the digitization of physical goods in the same way Amazon is digitizing books today? Bezos answered, “I think the answer to that is, not anytime soon. That’s far, far in the future.”

While he is enthusiastic about new technology, Bezos said you can’t build “interesting objects” with limited materials. “Even incredibly simple objects “like a toaster” have dozens of materials, he pointed out.

Amazon does sell 3D printers and supplies. Click here to view the Amazon product lineup.