Korean IT Companies Eyeing 3D Printing

(BusinessKorea) IT companies in Korea and abroad have an eye on supplying 3D printers locally. Their interest is due to the fact that the 3D printing industry’s potential extends from the medical to auto and aerospace industries.

Korean firms are beginning to make inroads into the 3D-printing market. Sindoh, Korea’s leading 3D printer manufacturer started selling four types of 3D Systems’ Cube and CubeX 3D printers in late October after completing a deal with 3D Systems for distribution of 3D printers in Korea.

And mobile carrier KT set up a task force for the 3D-printing business to determine when it should enter the market.

According to industry analysts, Samsung Electronics might also soon start its 3D-printing business. The head of a 3D printer company confirmed by saying, “Samsung has been reviewing its involvement in the 3D-printing business starting early this year. And rumors about its creation of a task force are floating in the industry.” However, a Samsung associate flatly denied the rumors by saying, “There is speculation that our company will start a 3D-printing business, but we are not considering it at all.”