Large, Industrial-Grade 3DMonstr Printer on Kickstarter

(Kickstarter) 3DMonstr is a rigid and powerful 3D printer with large-build volume that enables users to print large, complex objects in multiple materials with precision and speed. Developer Ray Reytblat wrote that he designed the 3DMonstr to meet a need in the 3D printer marketplace for large-build volume and modularity. Users want easy maintenance and the ability to upgrade for a machine that will last through rapidly changing technology. He believes engineers, makers, foodies, designers, educators, prop and model makers, museum display builders, artists and architects all wanted to be able to use the kind of machine he has designed in 3DMonstr.

3DMonstr has many capabilities rolled into one powerful machine:

  • Its build volume is impressive. The smallest of its family is 1 cubic foot; the middle is 3.375 cubic feet; the largest is 8 cubic feet.
  • It has four independent extruders, each with its own temperature control.
  • It can print in fine-resolution style — 40 micron layers.
  • The extruders are attached to the machine via a QuickMount release, making it very simple to switch them in and out.
  • 3DMonstr was built to last and made from industrial-grade materials.
  • 3DMonstr eliminated the calibration problem by designing a large part of the problem right out of the printer.
  • 3DMonstr is foldable. This way, if you don’t have a large workspace, you can fold it flat and tuck it away.

After the Kickstarter campaign closes, and the machines have been delivered, the company’s focus will be on advanced extruders. 3DMonstr is on Kickstarter now through Jan. 27.