MakerShop Helps Entrepreneurs Launch & Customize Online Shops

(MakerShop) Charlotte, NC based MakerShop is offering designers flexibility with new subscription plans that let 3D printer designers customize online shops with embedded HTML.  Designers can set up subscription-based shops for a small monthly fee ($5-8 / month) that let them customize many of the shop pages by adding videos, donate buttons or special graphics through the HTML embedding feature.

Entrepreneurs can use the MakerShop online platform to test different 3D printer business models to sell their work.

Users can monetize their 3D printer work by:
Have ads and give away 3D printable designs to attract visitors.
Charge for every download of the 3D printer design.
Accept donations and give away designs.
Accept donations and unlock new designs for free download after so much is donated.
Create complimentary designs to other peoples work to create demand for designs.
The basic shop can be started for free and also allows embedding videos or other content in some parts of the layout, but in fewer locations. MakerShop integrates with PayPal but transactions are directly between the buyer and the seller via PayPal.