MakieLab Talks 3D-Printed Dolls

(Guardian) London-based MakieLabs has released an iPad app called Makies Doll Factory to help people make and order Makies from their tablet. Two days after the iPad app was released, people had made more than 4,500 Makies with it – created them in the app, if not actually paid for real versions. Not that MakieLab is a dolls company, Co-founder and CEO Alice Taylor says it’s more of a software manufacturing platform that can output 3D-printed shapes, including dolls but in the future other kinds of products.

The company raised its first seed funding in August 2011 to work on prototype 3D-printed dolls – Makies – which customers would be able to design themselves on its website. The site launched in alpha in May 2012, the company raised $1.4M from early-stage investors in June that year.