MakieLab’s iPad App for 3D Printing Your Own Dolls Has 70K Designed in First Week

(TechCrunch) MakieLab released an iPad app last week that lets a user design a unique doll with special hair, facial features and custom clothing. Buyers can have the doll 3D printed and sent to them at a price that starts around $88, excluding shipping. The app has seen about 70,000 dolls designed so far in the first week. These are dolls designed, not ordered. MakieLab isn’t sharing stats on orders yet.

MakieLab has been running a web-based version of the store for about a year, but this is the first time they’ve transitioned to mobile platforms. Ultimately, they hope their business will offer a mix of real-world and virtual goods. You can design dolls to buy in real-life or eventually there will be options to dress them up with virtual accessories. Like the rest of the gaming world, Co-founder Alice Taylor says there is a “power curve” dynamic with a small minority of customers being very aggressive with purchases. One had even bought everything in the store twice, she said.