Manchester Police Red-Faced After 3D Printed Gun Turns Out to be Spare Printer Parts

(ITProPortal)  Police in Manchester are examining what they initially claimed to be parts for a firearm manufactured using a 3D printer. The Greater Manchester Police at first alleged that the printer was being used to manufacture firearms based on 3D printed designs. Now their statements have become more reticent.

Online commentators have jumped to the arrested man’s defense. Since the first reports came in, other 3D printing enthusiasts have argued that the items in question are in fact spare parts for the printer, and the Police seem to have taken this into account and avoided releasing any further statements.

Scott Crawford, the owner of 3D printing firm Revolv3D Ltd, said the parts were common to anyone who owned that particular model of printer. “It may be that someone has used that part in a gun design,” he said, “but I’m confident it’s an upgrade for the printer and not an actual gun part.”

The arrested man, who has since been bailed, said: “It’s nothing to do with a gun whatsoever… I have no idea why they think it is part of a gun. It’s designed by the company that makes the printer to go in the printer to make it better.”