CEO of Modern Meadow Explains BioPrinted Meat

( Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow, defined bioprinted meat in a February 27 Reddit appearance. “The input are largely animal cells (muscle, fat and a couple other types — taken from a donor animal through a biopsy) and cell culture media (a soup in which the cells grow made of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, salts, sugars) and then energy to run the process,” he said. “Output is muscle tissue that is then matured/conditioned until it is processed into meat products.”


Modern Meadow received a six-figure seed investment from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs in September 2012. Forgacs said he has tasted small bites of bioprinted meat. He cooked his sample in olive oil and ate without salt and pepper, but said the taste is not yet fully like meat.