Money, Money, Money Sums Up 3D Printing in 2013

(VentureBeat)  Tongue-in-cheek, Venture Beat’s Ricardo Bilton says that “2013 was the year 3D printing found its sugar daddy.” Between big-bill acquisitions, surging stock prices and major interest from investors, this was a year of financial success for the industry. Newbies entered the market, big companies got bigger and some of the word’s biggest brands finally got interested.

The biggest news of 2013 for 3D printing came from MakerBot, which 3D printing giant Stratasys acquired for $600 million back in June.

Smaller 3D printing upstarts were getting some love, too — from the venture-capital world. The most notable of these companies was Shapeways, the New York-based 3D printing marketplace, which raised $30 million in April thanks to Andreessen Horowitz and Chris Dixon.

It was also a tremendously successful year for 3D printers on Kickstarter. Products like the 3Doodler ($2.3 million), the Buccaneer (nearly $1.5 million) and Peachy Printer ($650,000) vastly overshot their funding goals and proved that Kickstarter is still a powerful platform for getting complicated hardware projects off the ground.