Projected Future High-Growth of 3D Printing in Metals

( Analyst Gary Anderson advises there are three very exciting and very different 3D printing companies for aggressive, high-growth investors to consider. They are ExOne, (XONE), Arcam AB (AMAVF) and Sigma Labs (SGLB). These three companies are focused exclusively on the fastest-growing segment of the 3D printing industry, which is the printing of high-grade metal components.

Anderson recently analyzed  projected future growth of 3D printing in metals, as well as a quick look at three unique companies that are focused almost exclusively on this high-growth segment. He pointed out that industry insiders such as Brian Deagon, along with trade publications like Design2Part Magazine have predicted that the fastest growth in 3D printing will be in metals.

When industry experts, analysts, trade publications and the founder of one of the world’s largest 3D printing companies all agree that the best opportunities for growth for 3D printing companies is in metals, then Anderson wrote it’s time for prudent investors to look for companies that are focused almost exclusively in that niche.