RepRap’s New 3D Printer Named ‘Simpson’

( RepRap’s new 3D printer is named Simpson after George Gaylord Simpson who came up with the idea of Quantum Evolution, the theory that evolution can happen in abrupt burst. The namesake was chosen for the printer to signify its quick divergence from other existing designs.

Nicholas Seward started barely a month ago. During the month, the design has gone from a idea through at least seven major revisions and has produced three prototypes. Click here to view a YouTube view of Simpson with Seward moderating.

The open style of the RepRap Project has allowed for some crucial collaboration. Thousands of people have viewed Simpson’s development forum. Many have posted ideas, suggestions, and encouragement. The project would not exist in its current state without the open source community. Nicholas Seward thinks that Simpson will be a breakthrough in low cost printing on the scale of buildings. It is not too hard to imagine each of Simpson’s arms mounted to three vehicles. The vehicles can be positioned around the build site and the arms can be connected to make it an instant house 3D printer.