Silicon Valley Design Firm Adds Objet 3D Printer For Precise, Fast Prototypes

(Herald Online) Focus Product Design has added the highly-accurate Objet Eden 260V 3D Printer to its tool set. Now customers can enjoy the fast and effective communication of design–synergistically aligning demand for the firm’s product conceptualization, design, prototyping and manufacturing services — with the ability to speed through multiple design iterations. Click here to learn more about Focus PD.

With one of the most accurate 3D Printers, Focus PD is capable of printing prototypes down to an accuracy of 16 microns (competitors are up to 400% less accurate). The firm helps engineers see fewer product design flaws and achieve better end products faster.

“Traditionally, engineers might expect to lose 1-2 days, and experience higher costs if they are shipping 3D Printed parts in from, say Chicago,” said Adam Tavin, CEO of Focus Product Design. “This is a key benefit Silicon Valley companies have been missing — local 3D Printing services, close enough to pop by, pick up their own parts, and meet project deadlines.”

Since its founding in 2004, Focus Product Design has grown 923% by solving problems in product innovation, design, engineering and manufacturing. The team members have helped launch and expand innovative new products, such as Apple MacPro, Spa Rock, and numerous Apple Accessories.

Adam Tavin, a product design consultant, is CEO and founder of Focus Product Design. Prior to founding his company, he was an Engineering Consultant for Apple, Inc. For 15 years, Adam ran corporate product engineering departments from initial concept and design to production, which generated several new products, including Endoscopic high-definition video cameras, Picocell Base Station, and numerous automotive products.