SoftKinetic Powers the Hottest 3D Technologies

(ciol) SoftKinetic, provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solutions, has¬†announced strategic partnerships with leading 3D technology companies who are using SoftKinetic cameras and the company’s middleware to design innovative solutions such as wearable computing, 3D printing and scanning and augmented reality solutions. MakerBot is one of the companies that entered into a strategic partnership. That effort is focused on the development of next generation 3D cameras based on SoftKinetic’s technology for inclusion in future MakerBot 3D scanning products.

“At SoftKinetic, we have created a robust IP and technology portfolio that allows the industry to design the hottest products of tomorrow using straightforward technologies with the most cutting-edge capabilities,” said Michael Tombroff, CEO of SoftKinetic.
Brussels, Belgium-based SoftKinetic makes gesture-control cameras and software, much like the elements used in Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing system for the Xbox 360 game console. SoftKinetic’s technology includes SoftKinetic’s DepthSense camera that can detect finger movements while the company’s software takes the data from those gestures and simplifies it for a computer to process into specific operator controls. SoftKinetic can detect gestures as close as six inches away from the screen while Microsoft’s tech currently detects movement around eight-to-10 feet away or so.