Staples Opens 3D Printing Service in Netherlands

( Office supply chain Staples officially opened its 3D printing service in the Netherlands on Monday.

Users can upload their 3D designs, get them 3D printed at Staples using full color Iris 3D printers from MCOR Technologies. Besides uploading their own designs, users can also order 3D prints from an online 3D objects catalog. Moreover, 3D designers could also sell their designs via Staples’ web store.Low-cost, coloured, photo-realistic 3D printed products will be offered from Staples stores. Staples claims that the Iris 3D printer provides the highest color quality by using office paper instead of plastic.

Unlike the plastics-based printers Mcor’s Iris printer creates 3D objects with layers of paper and a water-based adhesive. The most obvious advantage is that it can print out some impressively colorful 3D objects. And in addition it is 40 to 60 percent cheaper than the price per cubic cm for plastic parts, says Staples. The disadvantage is that they are less sturdy than plastic ‘prints’.