Successfully Test Firing the 3D Printed Gun

(Forbes) The successful test firing of a fully 3D printed gun was covered by Forbes hacker culture columnist Andy Greenberg at the invitation of Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. The gun was tested on a remote private shooting range an hour’s drive from Austin, Texas, whose exact location Wilson asked not be revealed.

Greenberg’s verdict: it worked. The gun, code-named the Liberator, fired a standard .380 handgun round without visible damage, though it also misfired on another occasion when the firing pin failed to hit the primer cap in the loaded cartridge due a misalignment in the hammer body, resulting in an anti-climactic thunk.

The printed gun seems limited, for now, to certain calibers of ammunition. After the handgun round, Wilson switched out the Liberator’s barrel for a higher-charge 5.7×28 rifle cartridge. He and his colleague retreated to a safe distance, and pulled the string again. This time the gun exploded, sending shards of white ABS plastic flying into the weeds and bringing the Liberator’s first field trial to an abrupt end.

(Image: Forbes)