SwissPen 3D Printing Pen Will Compete with 3Doodler

( SwissPen announced the availability of their 3D printing pen this week. Using the same material as 3D printers (ABS or PLA), the SwissPen draws by extruding pre-heated plastic and can be used to draw in the air or on surfaces.

The SwissPen looks and functions a lot like the 3Doodler. It doesn’t require any software or computer and it can be used in many different ways, from flat shapes to 3D objects, or to make patterns on a piece of paper which can be then fitted together.

Designed and made in Switzerland, the SwissPen retails for which is US$111 or EUR83, plus international shipping. Buyers can choose between ABS or PLA plastic when ordering. It comes with universal power supply 110-240V + 220 strands of plastic (length 25 cm each, 20 strands of each color, 11 colors : white, orange, black, yellow, purple, green, sky blue, red, blue, pink, glow in the dark) and it will begin shipping in October 2013.