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SXSW Kicks off with Vision of a 3D Printing Revolution

(Tengri News). Makerbot co-founder and CEO Bre Pettis delivered the opening talk at the 27th edition of South by Southwest (SXSW) on Friday. A major theme of the interactive segment of the 10-day SXSW festival is the invention or replication of everyday objects in three dimensions using laser beams and molten plastic. The festival also celebrates independent film and music. Speaking to a capacity crowd in a vast darkened auditorium, Pettis said 3D printing for the masses has the potential to rewrite the rules of manufacturing by obliviating the need to make things in large quantities.

While Pettis stopped short of anticipating a 3D printer in every home, Makerbot foresees a day when every classroom will have one to help teach the principles of science and technology.

“There’s a renaissance going on right now,” Pettis said. ‘It’s never been easier to make and share actual things. Creativity is much more accessible now in the thing world.”