The First ‘Green’ Seaweed 3D Printing Filament Announced

( Le Fabshop in Paris, a 3D printing startup, announced a world first “green” seaweed 3D printing filament. The seaweed filament will be launched on the market in spring 2014. In collaboration with French company Algopack, Fabshop spent over a year developing the SWF using seaweed grown and harvested in Brittany in the north-west of France. Up to now there are dozens of filament materials available on the market for 3D printing: plastic, metals, paper derivatives, wax, sugar etc but none of them are as “green” as the seaweed filament SWF.

“We aim to revolutionize 3D printing, which is already a revolution by itself. Many technologies take years to become green, but we wanted now to offer a smart alternative in the field.” says Bertier LUYT, Founder and CEO of le FabShop in a statement. “Seaweed is a valuable raw material particularly suitable to our requirements. It requires no water, no pesticides or fertilizers to grow. We only need to develop a formula to make it compatible to 3D printing.”