The World’s Most Innovative Dress

(The Daily Beast) Fashion designer Michael Schmidt worked with New York architect Francis Bitonti to design, code and 3D print the world’s most innovative dress in 17 different sections containing over 3,000 pieces made from nylon using a process called selective laser sintering. The dress was created for the Ace Hotel’s 3D symposium during Fashion Week in March. Schmidt worked with his frequent collaborator and close friend, burlesque star Dita Von Teese.

“I like to adapt unusual materials to the body,” Schmidt told The Daily Beast over lunch at Urth Caffé in downtown Los Angeles. “That’s kind of my thing, is to take things that are not typically utilized in clothing and try and make them wearable and flexible and danceable and sexy — meaning materials like metals, plastics, wood, glass. That’s the challenge for me, that’s what I enjoy doing is trying to figure those things out because it’s more of a mechanical, engineering problem.”