UK’s Cadventure Will Turn Customers into Action Figures

(Standard) Cadventure, which is based on the Kemble airfield, has teamed up with London scanning company Levavo to make an action figure of a person so realistic that teeth, freckles and clothes creases will be show up on the person’s ‘mini me’.

In order to have a figurine made, a person must book an appointment at the My3DTwin studio in London where their image will be captured by over 50 specially adapted cameras. The London studio offers a dressing room for customers so they can try out multiple looks or dress up as something else altogether.

A 3D digital model of the image is then sent to a 3D printer where the perfectly formed model is made – the process usually takes 24 hours.

Lisa Bewick, of Cadventure, said “There’s a big desire for a replacement for photography and this is it.”
Click here to book an appointment at my3Dtwin Studio. A 20% discount sale ends July 10th.