What 3D Printing Can Do for Your Bored Toddler

(SALON) Connecting two things that were previously incompatible takes the geek concept of “connectivity” and makes it real. Columnist Andrew Leonard commented that the “wow” moment of Bre Pettis’ keynote at  SXSW was when he showed a 3D printed adapter that attaches Brio style wooden toy tracks to Lego Duplo Compatible brick constructions. Every parent in the audience who had once entertained toddlers with a big pile of Duplo and Brio tracks simultaneously said: “Oh, wow, I wish I’d had that, back in the day.”

The Brio-to-Duplo connector turned out to not to be particularly new and can be seen on Thingverse. But judging by the murmurs in the crowd of thousands  at SXSW, the sight of the slide clicked a switch.