What 3D Printing Means for Houston

(HoustonBusinessJournal) Presenters at 3DCamp Houston, a recent conference in the city, discussed what 3D technologies could mean for the region. The 3D printing business is moving forward at a rapid pace, which will create opportunities in Houston, said Roland von Kurnatowski, executive vice president at TX/RX Labs, a hackerspace that hosts classes and meetings centering on innovation and new technologies. Houston’s large biomedical community and its young but growing computer science community can leverage 3D printing technologies and create new local opportunities, von Kurnatowski said.

“Our technology has outpaced our imagination,” said Matthew Fiedler, a Houston-based founder of re3D, an Austin startup that makes large-scale 3D printers. Fiedler, who is a former NASA scientist for the Johnson Space Center, explained how the manufacturing industry is ripe for 3D printing disruption. This disruption could dramatically change the way many local manufacturers do business. Local manufacturers shouldn’t worry about losing their jobs to 3D printing, von Kurnatowski stressed. If anything, 3D printing will encourage more interesting customization work at manufacturing operations, he said.