What Exchange Traded Fund Investors Need to Know about 3D Printing

(ETF Database) 3D printing’s quickly evolving firms have caught the public attention in the last few years with their game-changing ideas. There are a number of 3D printing companies that have yet to gain recognition from ETFs, but as the technology continues to grow, this is likely to change. Investors looking for future exposure should scope out small cap growth and technology ETFs that are likely to quickly adapt to the growing industry.

According to the ETF Database, Exchange Traded Funds That Are “3-D Ready” are:
1) 3D Systems Corp (DDD): This South Carolina is one of the original manufactures of 3-D printers, opening its doors in 1986. Selling both the software and machine to allow consumers to print, 3D Systems has found a niche market to command. While there are eight ETFs offering exposure to this firm, only one fund, PSCT, has a focus on technology companies.
2) Hewlett Packard Company (HPQ): This computer and printer manufacture has had its eye on 3-D printing for the last few years. While the main business has been suffering from poor sales and substandard development, this massive company has the ability to raise resources behind this new technology, and may soon do so. There are currently five ETFs with exposure to HP with MTK and SKYY holding the largest stakes.
3) Autodesk Inc (ADSK): NASDAQ 100 listed Autodesk is another one of the leading players in the 3D printing sector. With over $2.21 billion in revenue in 2012, this quickly expanding group is most heavily involved in the software side of 3-D printing, but it’s not contained to this small market, as the company is working in software for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and entertainment industries. oth IGV and QTEC have a portion of their technology-centric portfolios dedicated to Autodesk.